It's alive!

Green Riot works since 2005 on the development of Green Graffiti made from living green algae. These paintings are like a plant, growing slowly over time depending on conservation’s conditions. First, harvested at buildings feet regarding to seasons, Algae strains are cultivated in DIY bioreactors by following. After a certain period of growing to achieve the perfect ‘living plant paint ‘ biomaterial, a combination of several chosen species, algae are applied to a substrate on specific layers, a canvas or a wall, using dedicated biology tools. 

co2 scavenger in peril

In the image of the blob that can find its way without equal, there is a whole range of living species with surprising abilities. Algae used here are ones of these species in the field of plants.

Algae move by borrowing water roads, rain, dew, drain, broken pipes and materials capillarity. They have got extraordinary faculties of adaptation and conservation. As plants, they capture co2 and produce o2, and have multiple positives impacts on their environment, for instance on the vegetation of a territory, the regulation of hydrometry, the local control of temperature, or even preservation of historic buildings (see Nottingham, St Mary’s Church). Despite these unique inputs and capabilities, this does not prevent real estate developers, builders and some town halls and other organizations from seeking to destroy them  by “cleaning up” cities for outdated aesthetic reasons. Added to the increase in temperature, strong solar exposure and the scarcity of water, algae are  unfortunately disappearing from our cities.

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